3 Tips When Cleaning Tile Floors With Baking Soda And Vinegar


If you have tile floors (mine is hardwoord, thanks to hardwood floors los angeles), and you have stains on them, it may be hard to get everything out. There are certain surfaces such as natural stone where stains can become semipermanent. Part of the problem is the porous nature of the material, and that means you are going to have to use some type of solution that can get into the pores. This is also true if you have regular tiles and you have grout holding them in. It’s the same idea, but a completely different material. Here are three tips that you can use if you want to get rid of stains that are on your tile floors.

Baking Soda And White Vinegar

If you are trying to get a stain out of some type of stone, or out of grout, you can clean your tiles using this mixture. The baking soda is going to provide a very pasty substance once it mixes with the white vinegar, and it will literally begin to lift up the debris that is contained in the grout and tile. You need to apply this with nothing more than a brush, such as a toothbrush or a paintbrush. In just a few minutes, you could literally see the stain lift right out of the grout or tile.

Three Tips On Doing This The Right Way

First of all, you do not want to scrub the grout or tile too hard. You want the solution to do all of the work. If you go to art, you could actually damage the surface material. Second, you want to use swirling motions of possible, except if you are using this with grout. You will simply go back and forth in that narrow area. Finally, you need two put the solution onto the surface for a few minutes before you begin to scrub. This will ensure that it will have time to work in. This will make the scrubbing much easier because it will break down everything that is representative of the stain, and then you simply wipe it up once you are done.

How Realistic is it to Do Forex Trading in Nigeria

Forex Trading

Forex trading began in Nigeria in the early 2000s. Originally, many Nigerians balked at it because they preferred dealing with tangible businesses. Additionally, not many Nigerians had good internet so they did not have the means to do the trading.

The trading began being overwhelmed with scams. Ponzi schemes were happening everywhere. This caused many funds in Forex to crash because they were being run by scam artists who promised over inflated returns on investments.

Many of the people that got hurt in the early days of Forex in Nigeria turned into honest traders. They learned from their mistakes. They became brokers themselves and helped bring foreign brokers into Nigeria. These were honest brokers and traders who went on a nationwide campaign to educate investors.

As they did this they brought on more investors and a new wave of Nigerian Forex trading began. They no longer had to pass on charges to offshore brokers. Nigeria had its own. This period of trading went well up until about 2010. Then, there was a withdrawal of trading. It occurred following the massive recession in global economies and peaked after the local stock market crashed. The financial system in Nigeria went dry.

Today, the Forex trading system in Nigeria is back to being a success. With the help of groups like the Association of Online Forex Trading Agents, people are regaining their trust in the Forex trading system. There is a movement to regulate the Forex business in Nigeria. The Securities and Exchange Commission is working with the Central Bank of Nigeria to regulate things.

This is reason enough to trust that it is again worthwhile to trade on Forex in Nigeria. In the early days, there were hundreds of thousands of dollars coming into traders. These numbers are likely to grow again in the future.

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Tooth Whitening is a Safe and Affordable Way to a Beautiful Smile

Tooth Whitening

A bright, white smile is a sure sign of confidence in a person. If your teeth are not at their whitest it could be that you have experienced some staining or yellowing due to overindulging in coffees, teas or colas.

Sometimes, age or medications can also discolor a healthy white smile. If you have been living with a less-than-sparkling white smile, it might have already made you feel somewhat uncomfortable.

The good news is that you can do something about it. Visit your dentist (or check out Mission Viejo dentist Edward Moon, DDS) for a complete checkup and ask about the affordable whitening options that are available to you.

You can get some treatments done in under one hour. There is no pain or discomfort and you will be pleased with the results which last for months. You can get in-chair zoom or gel whitening treatments or you can opt for a specialty tray whitening option from your dentist.

When your teeth are brighter you improve your smile. You also improve your confidence. You can get out in the world and get that job or relationship you have been after with a lot more success with your new beautiful white smile.

The Top Criminal Defense Lawyers in Miami


Recently, my husband was charged with a DUI and unfortunately it was his third DUI charge. The district attorney in Miami wants to throw the book at him and my husband is looking at some serious prison time. My husband is a good guy but he has a problem with alcohol. We have three beautiful children all under the age of 10 years old and it would be unimaginable to spend the next few years trying to raise these children on my own.

Therefore, I am in the process of looking for the services of the best criminal lawyer in Miami. There are quite a few criminal lawyers to choose from but I want to make sure that I get the best. The only problem I have is not knowing how to locate the best criminal lawyer in Miami. Fortunately, a website article that I read gave me some great advice about how to choose the best criminal lawyer Miami.

The advice was to contact a few of the local judges in Miami and ask them who they would use as their criminal lawyer. Therefore, I took this advice and talked to three different judges who all suggested one specific law firm. I visited a lawyer at this law firm and after talking to him for 30 minutes I was convinced that he would be the perfect choice for my husband’s DUI case.

How Can You Borrow Money Without Paying Interest?


Besides borrowing money from relatives, there are ways to borrow lump sums of cash for free (like lainan). However, before going any further into that scenario, you need to know something. There are people who try to guide you to borrowing money absolutely free, and then there are people out there guiding consumers to borrowing money theoretically for free. There is a difference, although both seem to be very advantageous.

How does that even work? You have to think about inflation. Let’s say that you go to get a loan (say from https://lainan.fi/), and you borrow money from a company that charges you under two percent interest. That would be an example of borrowing for free theoretically. The site I noticed gave an example of a rich man getting a mortgage. Well, you might not be rich, and you might not be looking for a mortgage but instead a personal loan.

Personal loans are always higher interest it seems, so is it even possible to borrow money for free theoretically?

Many of the experts say yes, and they have tips and tricks to help you accomplish that goal. How can you do it? You’re only steps away from finding out, and it would certainly be much better than paying high interest, right?

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Plan a Trip to the Grand Canyon


If you were put in charge of planning everything for your trip to the Grand Canyon, but don’t know where to start, here are some tips that you need to follow:

  • Decide on what to take

If you live out of the state, you need to take a plane going to either Las Vegas or Phoenix Arizona. If you land in Las Vegas, you need to take a 5-hour drive to Grand Canyon. On the other hand, if you fly to Phoenix, you can then take a connecting flight to Flagstaff, Arizona which makes the travel time faster.

  • Decide on what part of Grand Canyon to visit

Due to the massive size of this property, it is impossible to visit all of its attractions in one day. If you only have a day or two to spare, make sure to do your homework to know which one will best suit the needs and interests of you and your family.

  • Decide on what time of year to head out to the Grand Canyon

The months between March and May and September and October are the best times to visit the Grand Canyon. The weather is fine during these times of the year making it possible for visitors to enjoy many activities and check out scenic viewpoints. During winter, the North Rim is closd.

  • Decide on the activities to do

Grand Canyon National Park features a comprehensive list of activities that meed the various needs of its visitors. From nature hikes, trails, white water rafting, to camping, Grand Canyon has everything for all of its guests. For instance, if you love waterfalls, the remote region of Havasupai Indian Reservation has five stunning waterfalls that you can visit, including Havasu Falls- regarded as one of the most epic bodies of water in southwestern United States (and don’t miss Grand canyon Helicopter Tour).

The 3 Reasons You Need To Start Doing Bear Crawls


If you are someone who enjoys staying fit, the chances are pretty good you have heard someone talking about doing bear crawls. A lot of strength coaches are adding this to their clients regular routines, which means it could be something you will benefit from as well. These are the top three reasons why you should check out bear crawls to potentially add them to your routine:

Build Strength

The bear crawl is pretty close to a plank, yet you are moving. This movement strengthens your core muscle, but because you are moving, you are engaging even more muscles in your arms, shoulders and glutes.

Increase Mobility

When you take on bear crawls, you will be able to improve upon hip mobility as well. As you are crawling, the hips will go from fully flexed onto fully extended and taking your joint through the full range of motion. This is something that makes a great warm up drill and it can also get your heart pumping while waking up your central nervous system.

Improve Conditioning

Bear crawls are actually a full body movement exercise, so it is a wonderful conditioning tool. This step can boost your muscular endurance and heighten the overall conditioning base. You can easily incorporate bear crawls into a full body workout to get the best possible results.

Because this is a great exercise that works so many muscles, there is also the opening for true versatility. Young athletes love the bear crawl and even those people who are not looking into packing on resistance exercises can benefit from them greatly. If you want to increase your challenges and get your muscles and body moving in the right direction, you can do bear crawls with or without the addition of a weight vest and enjoy amazing results.

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The Top 3 Essential Oils for Inflammation


Corticosteroids and pain medications are the most common drugs given to people who suffer from inflammatory conditions. If you have long been under medication, you may want to give your liver a break and choose healthy and beneficial alternatives such as essential oils.

To cope with inflammation, the use of essential oils has been proven to reduce symptoms and provide overall relief to sufferers. Although essential oils should not be used as the go-to treatment for inflammatory conditions, using them will help in avoiding side effects and complications resulting in chronic consumption of medications.

According to a 2006 study, a total of 6 essential oils are proven to reduce inflammation effectively.


This essential oil performs well in soothing various types of inflammatory processes. When applied topically, this essential oil can immediately get rid of irritation and redness. It can also alleviate topical pain closely related to arthritis and injury.


Nutmeg essential oil energizes and soothes the body. It is a natural anti-inflammatory compound that proves itself helpful in relieving muscle and joint pain. People who suffer from arthritis and rheumatic joint pain should use nutmeg essential oil for immediately relief and comfort/


Lemongrass essential oil features antiseptic, carminative, astringent, antipyretic, and antimicrobial properties that help in reducing the symptoms associated with inflammatory conditions. It can help reduce the pain and discomfort caused by many chronic and debilitating diseases.


According to studies, dill essential oil is a natural anti-inflammatory compound that contains carvone and limonene- constituents that help in curbing anti-inflammatory activities in the body.


Peppermint essential oil has calming effects on skin inflammation. If you have rashes or inflamed skin, you may use peppermint essential oil together with a lip balm or body lotion to deliver a nice, cooling sensation. Combining peppermint essential oil with lavender is great as it improves the condition of people suffering from eczema and psoriasis.

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Three Deadly Habits That Can Pack On The Pounds


Are you heavier than you like to be? Does it sometimes feel as though excess weight just appears on your body?

If you have a hard time losing weight fast, and are constantly gaining weight, you may have to cut a few bad habits.

1. Sweets

Sweets can really damage a diet, even if those sweets taste sugary because of artificial sweeteners. When you eat lots of sweet treats, you’re a lot more likely to overeat.

2. Bad Eating Habits

Your body is more likely to lose weight if you eat on a schedule. If you skip meals and snack all day, there is a good chance that you will put on extra weight.

3. Coffee

Coffee can be great in the morning, but it can also be a problem. Give up the sugary, calorie-laden coffee drinks and start drinking a simple black coffee instead. If you like cream in your coffee, try using skim milk.

These deadly habits can really cause you to pack on some pounds. Even if you are trying to eat a healthy diet, you may be sabotaging yourself in some way. Make sure you give yourself the tools that you need to lose weight.

Here are Top 3 Stretches that Alleviate Back Pain Problems


Majority of jobs these days entails long hours of sitting in front of a desk and computer all day. Apart from the stress that modern-day occupations bring, one can develop chronic back pain too.

Back pain is a common problem prevalent among men and women of all ages. It is caused by a multitude of factors including lack of exercise, extended hours of sitting, and lifting heavy objects to name a few.

Apart from the usual back massage and painkillers to relieve the discomfort of back pain, you may effectively reduce its intensity and frequency simply by executing these stretches!

  • Forward Bend

This stretch works best for those suffering from acute back pain. Simply place a sturdy chair in the same level as your hip right in front of you. Place both hands on the chair. Take a little step away from the chair for proper positioning. Bend your body forward or until the head is between your arms. Ideally, forward bend should be held in position for at least 60 seconds.

  • Quad Stretch

The cause of back pain may be due to inactivity or inadequate movement of the quads. To solve this problem, lay down on the ground on your right side. Gently bend the knees but never separate them. Try to reach the left ankle with your left hand. Start the stretch by pulling towards your quads. Hold the quads stretch for 30 seconds then slowly release. Repeat this procedure on the left side of the body.

  • Hamstring Stretch

Lie down on your back and bend your left knee. Make sure to keep your knee on the floor at all times. Place your hands at the back of your leg. Lift the opposite leg as high as you can and hold this position for 30 seconds. Return to your starting position and switch to the other leg to repeat the stretch.

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