The 3 Reasons You Need To Start Doing Bear Crawls


If you are someone who enjoys staying fit, the chances are pretty good you have heard someone talking about doing bear crawls. A lot of strength coaches are adding this to their clients regular routines, which means it could be something you will benefit from as well. These are the top three reasons why you should check out bear crawls to potentially add them to your routine:

Build Strength

The bear crawl is pretty close to a plank, yet you are moving. This movement strengthens your core muscle, but because you are moving, you are engaging even more muscles in your arms, shoulders and glutes.

Increase Mobility

When you take on bear crawls, you will be able to improve upon hip mobility as well. As you are crawling, the hips will go from fully flexed onto fully extended and taking your joint through the full range of motion. This is something that makes a great warm up drill and it can also get your heart pumping while waking up your central nervous system.

Improve Conditioning

Bear crawls are actually a full body movement exercise, so it is a wonderful conditioning tool. This step can boost your muscular endurance and heighten the overall conditioning base. You can easily incorporate bear crawls into a full body workout to get the best possible results.

Because this is a great exercise that works so many muscles, there is also the opening for true versatility. Young athletes love the bear crawl and even those people who are not looking into packing on resistance exercises can benefit from them greatly. If you want to increase your challenges and get your muscles and body moving in the right direction, you can do bear crawls with or without the addition of a weight vest and enjoy amazing results.

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