How Can You Borrow Money Without Paying Interest?


Besides borrowing money from relatives, there are ways to borrow lump sums of cash for free (like lainan). However, before going any further into that scenario, you need to know something. There are people who try to guide you to borrowing money absolutely free, and then there are people out there guiding consumers to borrowing money theoretically for free. There is a difference, although both seem to be very advantageous.

How does that even work? You have to think about inflation. Let’s say that you go to get a loan (say from, and you borrow money from a company that charges you under two percent interest. That would be an example of borrowing for free theoretically. The site I noticed gave an example of a rich man getting a mortgage. Well, you might not be rich, and you might not be looking for a mortgage but instead a personal loan.

Personal loans are always higher interest it seems, so is it even possible to borrow money for free theoretically?

Many of the experts say yes, and they have tips and tricks to help you accomplish that goal. How can you do it? You’re only steps away from finding out, and it would certainly be much better than paying high interest, right?