Three Incredible DIY Bathroom Decorations (20)

Are you looking for some fun ways to freshen up or how to decorate a bathroom? If so, you’ll want to give these DIY bathroom decorations a try. These techniques can help bring even the dullest bathrooms to life.

1. Paint A Wall With Chalkboard Paint

Take one wall of your bathroom and paint it with chalkboard paint. If you do this, people in the bathroom will be able to write messages to each other. This can be great if you live with roommates. You can leave a message in a place that you know people will see. Chalkboard paint is also a great idea if you have kids. You can use the chalkboard to lure them into the bathroom.

2. Add Bright Paint To Your Radiator

Is a radiator ruining your bathroom? If so, you might want to turn it from a drawback to an asset. If you add a bright coat of paint to your radiator, it won’t be something that drags your bathroom down. Instead, it will be something that makes the room look incredible.

3. Paint Your Shower Rod

Do you want to show off the hooks that are hanging your shower curtain? If so, you should try spray painting the rod black. This is a very quick project, and the results it yields are very impressive. It can make your bathroom look a lot more modern than it did before. This an especially nice fix if your shower rod is old. You can paint it instead of buying a new one.

As you can see, there are a lot of fun DIY bathroom decorating ideas. Whether you decide to do some painting or create some new art, you will be able to make your current bathroom a lot more inviting. Give all of these decoration ideas a try.