The Top 3 Essential Oils for Inflammation


Corticosteroids and pain medications are the most common drugs given to people who suffer from inflammatory conditions. If you have long been under medication, you may want to give your liver a break and choose healthy and beneficial alternatives such as essential oils.

To cope with inflammation, the use of essential oils has been proven to reduce symptoms and provide overall relief to sufferers. Although essential oils should not be used as the go-to treatment for inflammatory conditions, using them will help in avoiding side effects and complications resulting in chronic consumption of medications.

According to a 2006 study, a total of 6 essential oils are proven to reduce inflammation effectively.


This essential oil performs well in soothing various types of inflammatory processes. When applied topically, this essential oil can immediately get rid of irritation and redness. It can also alleviate topical pain closely related to arthritis and injury.


Nutmeg essential oil energizes and soothes the body. It is a natural anti-inflammatory compound that proves itself helpful in relieving muscle and joint pain. People who suffer from arthritis and rheumatic joint pain should use nutmeg essential oil for immediately relief and comfort/


Lemongrass essential oil features antiseptic, carminative, astringent, antipyretic, and antimicrobial properties that help in reducing the symptoms associated with inflammatory conditions. It can help reduce the pain and discomfort caused by many chronic and debilitating diseases.


According to studies, dill essential oil is a natural anti-inflammatory compound that contains carvone and limonene- constituents that help in curbing anti-inflammatory activities in the body.


Peppermint essential oil has calming effects on skin inflammation. If you have rashes or inflamed skin, you may use peppermint essential oil together with a lip balm or body lotion to deliver a nice, cooling sensation. Combining peppermint essential oil with lavender is great as it improves the condition of people suffering from eczema and psoriasis.

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