The Top Criminal Defense Lawyers in Miami


Recently, my husband was charged with a DUI and unfortunately it was his third DUI charge. The district attorney in Miami wants to throw the book at him and my husband is looking at some serious prison time. My husband is a good guy but he has a problem with alcohol. We have three beautiful children all under the age of 10 years old and it would be unimaginable to spend the next few years trying to raise these children on my own.

Therefore, I am in the process of looking for the services of the best criminal lawyer in Miami. There are quite a few criminal lawyers to choose from but I want to make sure that I get the best. The only problem I have is not knowing how to locate the best criminal lawyer in Miami. Fortunately, a website article that I read gave me some great advice about how to choose the best criminal lawyer Miami.

The advice was to contact a few of the local judges in Miami and ask them who they would use as their criminal lawyer. Therefore, I took this advice and talked to three different judges who all suggested one specific law firm. I visited a lawyer at this law firm and after talking to him for 30 minutes I was convinced that he would be the perfect choice for my husband’s DUI case.